понеделник, май 16, 2005


Доволен съм от съществуването на хора, които списват блогове като този http://www.raynerape.com, и онези към които линковете му водят.

А също и от туристически сайтове като www.pure



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Titus каза...

Well I know that you speak an other language (I don't what language, I'd try to find a profile of you that might tell me where are you from, but I didn't find it, y suppose that you are from Bulgaria because of the Name of one of your Post, haha, that makes me remember Kostadinov (He played In my local soccer team “Tigres”) and Hristo Stoichov, :D nice football players, I know I might spelled the names wrong, for that I'm sorry. My mother language is Spanish, but I suppose that it's more probably you would understand English, so I would speak to you in English.

Hi, my name is Kiber Arturo Gonzalez Padilla, I’m from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, I'm 19 years old, male, and I study in Med School.
Here in my country the time is 3:00am, and I couldn't sleep because I'm a little nervous, I have a few very important exams the next Saturday and Monday, so I choose to get up of my bed and make some abs and then I thought that I had never Google me, so I did it and that's why I am here, your blogspot is Kiber just like my name and it makes me curios to know you. I do also have a blogspot and the address is www.titus28.blogspot.com, I would like to talk to you, so we can discuss about the word "Kiber" 'cause I don’t know what it does means (my parents say that they only copied from another person that I had never meet), so if you have an account in Hotmail my address is cykofit@hotmail.com so you can add me to your Msn Messenger.
¡Goodbye! ¡Adiós!

Your Mexican Friend
Kiber Arturo González Padilla

¡Viva Mexico!